Content is King is a very well known phrase in the marketing industry. It started to become more and more important in 2018 and is now an essential for everyone in 2019.

Content is and always will remain the heart of websites and marketing. So it’s important you are aware of all the reasons why it it king.

Educational and Informative.

It helps demonstrate your expertise, content allows you to showcase what your business has to offer to potential clients.

Being able to demonstrate your expertise before even speaking with the potential client is a big help for your business.

As it may be the deciding factor for the user in their decision on getting in touch with you or not.

Boring and uninformative content can result in a loss of business and deter a user from taking the leap to get in touch with you.


Google loves content! The more content and keyword phrases used the better. If Google knows and can see that you regularly update your content and keep it rich in keyword phrases as well as relevant to what you do the more likely you are to rank higher in the search results.

You should always be pushing your website to rank as high as possible in all search results. So be sure to check over your content and make some amendments where necessary.

Build on Relationships.

Having content that is of a good quality, informative and unique well help you form relationships with potential clients.

Users always like to see what they require straight away but also information that they can connect with. Building that connection through your content will strengthen your chances of them choosing to get in touch.

Not only this but it also helps your build your brand at the same time.

Attract Leads.

Content will allow you to attract leads anytime, anywhere… Why?

Content works for you 24/7 without you having to try, its something users can see whenever they choose to see it. Meaning at any point in time they may decide to call or email you for more information.

Content constantly allows you to attract leads and potentially turn those leads into a conversion.

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