Website design isn’t about creating a website solely for your business and reputation now, it’s important to keep your visitors in mind.

Designing a website that isn’t what your visitors expect can reduce your conversion rate and ultimately hinder your business reputation.

And if your business that doesn’t currently have a website you better jump on the wagon quickly. As your clients expect you to have a website nowadays. Plus how are potential visitors and clients going to know about you if you don’t have any online presence?

Here are some tips for designing a website with your visitors in mind…


You don’t want to clutter your website. It makes it difficult for your visitors to understand and take in the content on the website.

The easier it is to navigate their way through your websites pages the better your visitors will feel and the more likely they are to get in touch.

Resulting in a better conversion rate, which makes the design, development of the website worth while.

That doesn’t mean follow generic layouts or use templates. It just means ensure your bespoke design is easy, flows well and will be easy for your visitors to understand.

Be Easily Contactable.

It’s important that your visitors are able to easily make contact with you. Whether that be from a desktop or from a mobile device.

So be sure to have contact forms on the website, pop out forms, call now buttons and even a live chat.

Using these things shows your visitors that you always want to make yourselves readily available for them to contact if they need or want too.

Social Media.

Social Media has become a very important way of connecting with visitors. Many visitors will want to see that you have social media. As this is not only another means of getting in contact with you it is another way they can have a look at what your business does.

So be sure to include your social media across the website in places that are easily accessible. Many business will include their social media icons in their menu and footer, that way the social media icons are on every page the visitor might go on.

Don’t Forget Mobile.

Each year mobile becomes increasingly more important and more popular among visitors. Mobile is an easy way for visitors to search for stuff while being on the go. It creates easy access to what they desire at that time.

So you need to make sure that your design is mobile optimised. Not having a mobile optimised website will result in visitors not being interested in what you offer, even if the service they need is exactly what you offer. So be sure to remember to optimise your website when designing it.

Speak Their Language.

While all the tips above are equally as important, you’ve also got to remember not to forget the content on your website. As nowadays content is king.

When collecting the content for your website it needs to be clear and concise, you also need to think about the type of visitors that are going to visit the site.

You want the content to speak directly to them, this has always been marketing good practise, but now even more so due to the increase in popularity over visitors wanting to feel like they matter to a business.