With 2019 underway, we have noticed that all forms of digital marketing are making some changes.

Last year it was easier to dismiss artificial intelligence and visual search, but it looks like with 2019 this won’t be as easy.

We have noticed there will be many changes to current trends and new ones fast approaching for 2019.

Artificial Intelligence.

With the first being AI, although this was around last year, it didn’t seem as important in terms of digital marketing. Well that is all about to change in 2019. AI is going to have a very big impact on digital marketing in 2019.

AI can analyse customer behaviour and search patterns.

It utilises data from social media and blog posts to help businesses understand their users needs. Making it a very important aspect of digital marketing for 2019.

Live Chat.

Users like to have some real interaction with you. This doesn’t always have to be over the phone, hence why Social Media like Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular.

However, having that form of interaction on your website is much preferred for users and for you as it keeps them on your website.

Installing Live Chat is an easy and fairly cheap way to continue to interact with your users on the level that they want, in 2019 this is going to become a very important digital marketing trend.


If you want to be above your competitors in 2019 personalisation is key in your digital marketing efforts, this means personalisation of content, products, emails and more.

With the availability of consumer behaviour, links clicked and data history personalisation of content, products, emails has become easier. 96% of marketers have said that personalisation will increase user advances.

Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Search Engines drive a lot of traffic to your website. Especially on Google and around 60% on Google comes from Mobile.

An increased website load time will increase the bounce rate which could then lead to a lower Google ranking.

The need for the accelerated speed time came from Google’s AMP project, AMP pages load in less that 0.5 seconds, creating a lower bounce rate.

Although Google has not yet listed this as a ranking factor, there are currently 4 billion AMP pages on the web. So for digital marketing this is becoming increasingly popular and it seems like it will be a very important trend for 2019.

Video Marketing.

It’s quite simple, video marketing is a big trend for digital marketing in 2019 and these numbers back up our findings:

  • 70% of users say they have shared a brands video
  • 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos increase their confidence in online purchase decisions

You don’t always have to think Youtube either, making personal video posts and live streaming videos are also becoming increasingly popular.

Social Media Stories.

With the increase in popularity of the social media stories it is important you consider this in your digital marketing efforts for 2019.

First it was Snapchat with their ‘My Story’. Instagram and Facebook then followed suit with their stories and now Youtube has introduced their own concept called ‘Reels’.

Since the stories disappear after a certain period of time, it’s a good opportunity for you to make use of FOMO (fear of missing out). You can feature anything on your stories….

  • Recent Projects
  • Projects your team are working on
  • Your employees working in the office
  • The story behind ou your products are made
  • Special Offers
  • Upcoming events, products, projects, etc

So it’s definitely important to jump on this bandwagon for your digital marketing in 2019.

With these only being a few of the trends for digital marketing in 2019. We can be sure to see that digital marketing for 2019 will be taken in the direction of ensuring that your users are always thought about first, more so in 2019 than previous years.

So be sure to consider all these trends and all the other trends that are going to come out for 2019.