Google has started to make it increasingly more difficult to get your website ranking in higher positions. With it also forever changing its important to consider Google’s top ranking factors.

You may be wondering why it is always changing. Well that is simply because everything around us is evolving and changing. More people are searching for things on the go, website security has boomed along with plenty of other things evolving.

So for 2019 here are 9 Ranking Factors Google uses currently:

Mobile First

As mentioned many users will search for what they want while they are on the go. Usually this will be while they are travelling to and from work, in lunch breaks, etc.

So it has now become essential for your website to be mobile friendly. Especially as Google has now caught onto it and has factored it into how it ranks a website.

Secure Sites

With GDPR coming into play, site security is now more important than ever.

Along with many other factors to GDPR having a site that shows https before the domain is one of the most important things to do with your website.

Especially as Google is now bringing this into its ranking factors. Having an insecure website can really do some damage to your websites rankings.

Page Speed

Page speed has always been important. A user won’t wait around for a slow site to load, when they know they can go on another one and get all the information they needed faster than you can provide it to them.

Therefore, it has always been a ranking factor Google has. Although nowadays I would say it’s even more important to ensure you site is as quick as it can be on both desktop and mobile.

Webpage Content Quality

Everyone believes that it is quantity over quality when it comes to webpage content. But actually both are just as important as the other, so be sure not to focus on just the quantity.

It’s important for you to focus on the quality of the content as well. Bad grammar and spelling can put a lot of users off, they want to be able to understand something as quickly as easily as possible, having poor quality content won’t achieve this.

Webpage Content Length

Make sure the quantity of your content is good as well. As mentioned both quality and quantity are just as important as each other now.

So making sure that you have good content length on each page on the website is important. Having as much information on the services you provide as possible means less explaining from you if the user does call you.

Social Signals

Social Media has started to become a big part of interaction with your clientele.

Many users will use social Platforms to find out more information on you, get a better understanding of who you are and interact with you through what you post, etc.

So it is very important to ensure you are using these Social Media platforms and giving good Social Signals to your clientele.

Quality Backlinks

It’s all well and good having backlinks for your website, however you have to consider whether they are quality ones.

You don’t want random backlinks to your website, it isn’t good for SEO, which will have a negative effect on your website anyway.

So be sure to put time into getting backlinks making sure they are suitable for your website and are also quality ones.

Optimised Images

Having images across your site is always important because it breaks up the content throughout the site. It also gives every user a different way of reading the information in front of them.

However, you may not realise how important it is to make sure the images are optimised throughout the website.

This includes ensuring they are the right size and also running them through a image optimiser to reduce the size of the image but not the quality.

Domain Age

Domain Age will always be part of Google’s ranking factors, it has been for years now. The longer the domain has been active for the better it will rank.

So a domain that has been around for 20 years will rank better than a domain that has been around 10, even if the content or website in general is a little better on the 10 year old domain than the 20.

For more information on any of these factors, or if you need help ranking your website on Google get in touch with our team today 0203 488 4412