With the new Apple iPhone 11 officially on the market and released on September 10th. There has been a lot of speculation on what the specs and features the iPhone 11 would have.

If you are tempted by the new handset here is all the information you need to know including specs, features, camera information and price.

At a Glance.

  • Available to purchase now
  • Price starts at £729 and goes up to £879
  • Has the same 6.1 inch screen as the previous iPhone XR
  • Dual sensor rear camera
  • Runs iOS 13
  • It is powered by Apple’s new A13 bionic chip
  • There’s no support for 5G


The iPhone 11 comes in a range of different colours, similar to the previous iPhone XR, these colours are:

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black

And the price breakdown is as follows:

  • iPhone 11 64GB – £729
  • iPhone 11 128GB – £779
  • iPhone 11 256GB – £879

Design and Display.

The iPhone 11 looks very similar to the previous iPhone X range. However the change that has happened is a controversial one.

Apple has improved the camera meaning it has a camera bump on the back that is a little bigger than it once was. It is also fairly bigger than the camera bump of some competing phones, so as you can imagine it is bound to divide Apple fans.

However the step up in camera performance that they have made, should be worth it all.

Apple have also chosen to keep the divisive screen notch, which was popularised by the iPhone X.

While many Android manufacturers have now ditched it for a more subtle teardrop notch.

While the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max boast the new OLED screen the iPhone 11 still has the same LCD screen as previous iPhone’s. They are also sticking to the Liquid Retina for the iPhone 11 rather than the Super Retina XDR.


The iPhone 11 has a dual lens camera array, with the extra lens being an upgrade from the iPhone XR’s single lens camera.

However the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have a total of three lenses.

The new secondary lens is a 12 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens. Which can catch much wider shots thanks to it 120-degree lens.

Another new camera feature is slow motion selfies, this uses the updated 12 megapixel True Depth front camera to snap selfies that move.

Finally it also has a Night Mode, which allows you to snap a shot in low light situations.


The iPhone 11 packs a A13 bionic CPU, which keeps the same 7nm architecture as before. With Apple claiming during its demos that this was the fastest chip on the market both in terms of performance and graphics.

iOS 13 will ship on the new iPhone 11 and this brings high requested features like a system wide dark mode, improved mapping service and much more.

5G, Battery Life and USB-C.

The iPhone 11 is capable of Qi wireless charging. However is still packaged with the 5W charger that iPhones have used for decades now. The 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models cone with an 8W charger as standard.

5G connectivity is unfortunately not supported by any models in the new range. Which is a bit of a shame considering how impressive 5G has been in the UK so far.

While mobile connectivity might not be faster. The iPhone 11 has super fast Wi-Fi, the latest Wi-Fi 802.11 as standard, more commonly known as Wi-Fi 6. Which brings with it up to a 4x performance boost in crowded areas and up to 40% higher data speeds.

Overall the new iPhone 11 is very impressive. Apple have done a reasonable amount of improvements to the phone overall, especially the camera.

And with the models being available to purchase now we can see a lot of Apple fans upgrading now or upgrading very soon.