How Secure Is Your Computer And Network?

Over time you may wonder if your personal or business computer is actually “safe” when surfing the web, using online banking or making purchases. 

Our team sees many computers throughout the month with that have either outdated or even none at all. This runs hand in hand with a lot of the problems many businesses are facing with internet security. Fully up to date anti-virus will give you the peace of mind that you are covered and safe 99% of the time. 

Many hackers will use “hidden” programs that will run in the background of the computer saving keystrokes of your keyboard and detect your passwords and even worse your card details. Antivirus will keep up and detect these pieces of software from running or installing on your machine. 

Some hacking programs can actually be even worse than just holding your card and password data, meaning they can actually run on your PC and send out spam emails using your machine as a “go-between”. 

If you ever heard about the huge NHS hack back in May 2017 when most of the machines on the NHS network you’re brought to a half you may have heard of the Cryptovirus. Again this is a program that installs itself on your computer and then encrypts your files which then requires you to make a bitcoin payment to unlock everything again, the encryption used in these attacks cannot be unencrypted easily or even at all. Many Antivirus programs have now been updated to offer this protection as part of the subscription. Many of the hacker’s programs will actually be able to connect to other machines internally inside an office and install itself thereto. Meaning it can take down a complete network within 1-2 minutes. 

If you have any concerns about your current network security or computer security please get in touch with us so we can assist. 

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