Recent Project: Ice Solutions.

Our recent project is for an Emergency Tyre Fitting Business called Ice Solutions. With almost 20 years experience they are highly skilled in what they do.

They approached us in need of a new website that portrayed their business in a professional yet friendly manner.

Initial Call.

The first step was to get a clear idea of what they wanted on the website, colour scheme, amount of pages, whether they needed a logo, etc.

Once this call was completed we established that they wanted a 3 page website, however the main service page would be duplicated for all the areas they covered, Ice Solutions is UK wide.

We also established that they needed a new logo to be designed, they wanted this to be in keeping with what they do, but still be unique and eye catching.

Ther colour scheme was Blues and Greys, so we made sure we stuck to all this throughout the design and build of the website.


At this stage we go away and start the initial design of the website, we usually start with the Home Page, the reason for this is that its the main page of their website so if there are any changes it doesn’t affect the layout of any of the other pages.

However, we firstly started with the logo design, we designed 4 different concepts for the client to choose from, they decided on a concept and this was added to the design of the website.

Once the client is happy with the Home Page we move on to the design of the Inner Pages, this includes all the Service Pages, Contact Page and any other pages they might be including.

A final sign off is completed and we then move this onto development.


This is the final stage of the process, which is where the team develop the site to make it a fully functional site, the site is built in PHP.

Once the development of the site is completed we go over the site with a fine tooth comb to ensure that everything is as it should be, we call this checklist the Going Live Checklist.

Going Live.

We will send the developed site off to the client for their final approval, once we have this approval we put the site live for the client. The time this takes varies on the size of the website, for Ice Solutions it took a little longer than usual because we had to make sure all the Location Service Pages.

We then add Google Analytics and Search Console to every site to ensure its all indexed and monitors the progress of the site.

Ice Solutions also got their first years hosting free, as this is something we include in all our Website Design Packages.

Since Going Live.

Since Going Live the site has been doing well, Google has continued to index all the pages, we still have more Locations to add to the site, but have decided to do this in stages so that it doesn’t take Google ages to index everything.

The client is looking to start SEO at the end of the month, to get their ranking higher on Google and to improve the website further.

If you are interested in getting a website sorted for your business then feel free to give us a call today on 0203 302 2101 or email us for more information on how we can help your online presence.

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