What is included in a “Safe Business Network”?

We have some top tips that may help you create a secure business network, if some of these tips apply to you then InstanceUK may be able to help you.

  1. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and turned on. Double check it, because it’s actually not uncommon for employees to accidentally turn it off unknowing of the consequences.
  2. Ensure all employees that use email and your Internet access are trained on what they are permitted to do and what they should never do like opening any suspicious attachments. Most companies employ a computer use policy to not only outline how surfing the web in their spare time can put the computer network at risk, but it can also outline how to avoid phishing emails and identify suspicious attachments.
  3. A computer use policy can also serve as a disclaimer to alert employees that there is a monitoring software in place to maintain the health of employee’s computers. The monitoring software benefits the company two-fold though, by not only being able to use surveillance on any potential mal-ware inducing computer behavior, but also help in identifying those employees that may need a bit more “policing” when it comes to educating them as to what sites they should not be visiting that could impair the security of the company’s network, whether accidentally or intentionally visited.

Other important points to remember:

  1. Beware of Downloads Not Pop-ups – installing and maintaining a good firewall will help block Internet traffic to and from nefarious sites.
  2. Backup Your Files – True, it’s scary to think of hackers getting control of all your personal information, but it’s scarier to think that all of your hard work could disappear just like that without a proper backup in place.

Conclusion –

Most companies wait FAR too long to have us evaluate their security risk and network health. These are not simply suggestions for ways to do regular maintenance, they are mandatory essentials for any company to employ in order to prevent disaster. Ask anyone who has had a computer die, or a virus wipes them out. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, so before you wind up with a real-life nightmare of a down and possibly un-recoverable network, please exercise the preventative measures needed to maintain your network’s security and health on a regular basis.