A new client approached us with the idea of migrating from ISDN over to our VOIP Package.

After having a conversation with the director of the company we produced a plan of action to complete this project and enable them to use VOIP with their existing numbers as required.


  • Configure and deliver 14 VOIP Phones
  • Setup PBX Environment
  • Migrate numbers
  • Put in place a forward to a temp number whilst waiting for the transfer
  • Setup queues & IVR

Finished Product

We had 14 VOIP phones delivered to the offices of ValiantIT to be configured ready for shipping over to our client.

These were all set up with separate extensions on our PBX enabling our customer to simply plug and play once they were delivered. All Phones were labelled and given names for each employee or department.

Once the phones were delivered to our client and plugged in, we confirmed all of the extensions were registered and working. Whilst in process of delivery the number transfer was set up and requested, upon doing this we set up a forward from their existing numbers to a temp number pointing at the PBX.

The number was then successfully transferred over to our portal enabling us to then direct the calls straight to our PBX system and enabling phones to work as expected.

IVR’s and queues were setups for inbound calls with much flexibility for changes later on in life, along with this voicemail was set up for each extension.