What's Included?

Our IT Support Essex contracts are built in such a way that we offer complete unlimited remote and onsite IT Support meaning we are on hand when you need us. Offering expertise in many fields we are able to support a wide range of hardware and software to give you the full service your business needs.

Our unlimited IT Support does mean unlimited, no matter how many times you contact us we will respond promptly and give the best service possible. With our remote software we can be connected to your desktop in minutes, however if you need us onsite this can be arranged at no extra cost.

Our IT Support Essex contracts are 3 month rolling, meaning you can leave after as little as 3 months, giving you the flexibility and choice. When you sign up to your Support Package you will receive an introduction email letting you know how you are able to get in touch with us, emergency contact information if its ever required and everything else you may need throughout your contract with us.

We do however understand many businesses would rather work on an Ad-hoc hourly basis, meaning our Ad-hoc IT Support may be a better fit for your needs.


We partner with the best software & hardware providers worldwide giving you the best IT support services.


How it Works

Here at Valiant IT we provide a process that is easy and stress free for everyone, at the beginning of our sign up you would have received information on how to get in touch with us or raise an issue and this is the exact reason we do this.... we make the complex, simple.

The reason we do this is because it then makes the process as easy as possible, once an issue has shown itself the quickest way to report the issue would be to raise a ticket with our Support team, you will receive a response, within 1 working day, to let you know they have received the ticket and aim to have it fixed within a certain time frame, this time frame may vary depending on the issue. This is all done via our online ticketing system that is monitored by all of our team daily 9am-5pm.

However if the issue is of more importance, you can always give us a call on 0203 488 5285 and speak to a team member directly.

If you require us onsite all you need to do is email or give us a call to arrange a day and time for us to be onsite.


Making the complex simple

Flexible Support Packages

Our support packages allow you to choose a short term or long term support package. We also give you the option to add extra services at any time.

247 Monitoring

Our systems will monitor your network and systems 247, alerting us when and if there is a problem so we can act as quickly as possible.

Monthly Reports

Every month as part of our IT Support packages, our technicians will provide reports of any problems or issues that have been fixed or are ongoing.

Proactive IT Support

Our technicians are always looking to improve your system and upgrade/update any issues before they arise.