Every business owner will never know the value of keeping data safe in the workplace until something goes wrong. In a small study set up by ourselves, we found that 4/5 business owners do not back up there data at least weekly. This should be standard practice now to stop any data loss which could and will cause problems in the running of your business.

A general rule of thumb with any amount of data inside a working business is to have an offsite copy at all times, no longer than a day old. This stops the amount of data loss that can occur upon a disaster or problem on the network. These are plenty of variations of this such as – external hard drive that a director or employee takes home (not advisable) or a cloud solution that backs up data once a night in the evening.

Having cloud backup is now the most popular choice as in this way the data is stored and accessible around the world 24/7. If you were to put cloud backup into practice in a workplace it would then not matter if a PC or iMac were to break, you would be able to reinstall all data in just a few minutes or hours to start work again on a different/new machine.

ValiantIT Top Tips

  1. Backup ALL of your data nightly, whether this is cloud or USB hard disk.
  2. Never store data on a local desktop machine without a backup
  3. Audit your files to make sure you have a record of anything that is stored on your network
  4. Data protection contract between Employer and Employee.

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