A Client approached us with 4 web servers hosting 725 websites, these servers were slow and did not have the resources to run all of these sites as they were. There were a mix of WordPress, PHP & CMS sites that were split across all servers

Current Server Specs

  1. Main Server – 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 1x Dual Core HDD – 682 Websites.
  2. Staging Server – 1GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 1x Dual Core HDD – 10 Staging websites.
  3. Extra Server  – 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 1x Dual Core HDD – 30 Websites.
  4. Specialist Site Server – 2GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1x Dual Core HDD – 3 Websites.

New Single Server Setup (With Failover backup server)

  1. 240GB RAM
  2. 8TB HDD Space
  3. 2x Quad Core Xeon CPU
  4. 2x GBPS Networking with 1Gbps Link

Planning & Worked Carried Out

  • Collect all Databases and logins for WordPress & CMS Sites.
  • Collect all database as .zip files.
  • Check all domains are connected to the same name servers to allow quick migration of Website and email services.
  • Take a backup of ALL data and databases from the 4 servers and save in 2 locations for safe keeping.
  • Run data transfer migration from all 4 servers to the new server and failover server.
  • Change Nameservers for each domain inside domain registrar.
  • Test each site as it was changed in DNS for errors.
  • Test mail accounts for errors and ask the client to test mail flow.
  • Once all websites are confirmed and migrated delete data from the old servers.
  • Once all email accounts are confirmed and working delete data from the old servers.


Our client was very happy with the project completion, this was completed with very minimal disruption to each client as we moved there site. All Sites are now running fast and working a lot better generally. We must thank our client for allowing us to work on this project and for us to flex our IT muscles a little.

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