Our sister company InstaHost Limited was set up in early 2018, providing cloud-based hosting in many forms. Including hosted desktop in the cloud.

InstaDesktop involves a remote desktop session connection to a desktop environment which includes an office productivity suite alongside other desktop applications. The desktop is hosted, run, delivered and supported from a central location,  a secure data center with high-quality and resilient connections to the Internet/cloud. InstaDesktop has been built upon a solid infrastructure to allow us to provide the best performance needed to carry out your day to day work on the go.

The centralized nature of InstaDesktop can overcome common issues with mobile working, delivery of a common infrastructure across physical sites, disaster recovery, cost control and scaling up/down in timely fashion.

Hosted desktop services can be a comparatively simple method for applying outsourcing principles within a business. Along you to outsource your works but be in control of the software/data that is used.

ValiantIT was approached by a jet wash repair and warranty business to implement a hosted desktop environment so they can outsource there accounting to another firm. With applications such as office and Sage installed on this hosted desktop it allows there outsourced accounting team to carry out works in a controlled environment.

We are in the testing stage of the first roll out of a single Instance, once this has been approved we will be moving to a second and third for more users. The sage database is then shared out over all 3 clients.

We would like to say thank you to our client and wish them very well and hope we can provide a good service for years to come.