What's Included?

Servers, routers and switches that form your basic network infrastructure are tested for vulnerabilities including missing security patches, misconfigurations and oversights that could negatively impact the security of your network. This normally forms the basis of our Penetration Testing Essex.

Our tests are fully reported with a simulation as to the efforts we have gone to try and break into your network.

We report all our findings into an illustrated document, so that you can understand and see what exactly is wrong with your network.

We don’t just leave it there our team will always also add potential ways in which you can fix these issues, as we don’t want to leave you with issues not knowing what to do to fix it.


We partner with the best software & hardware providers worldwide giving you the best IT support services.


How it Works

Our process to give you the best Penetration Testing Service possible, meaning our first step is to listen to what you want to achieve out of the testing and what you may believe the issues are.

This then allows us to access the best approach to take for the Penetration Testing process as there are many different processes within Penetration Testing that we could potentially need to look at when testing your network.

Our second step in the process is to carry out the testing, including all the elements that we feel need to be tested, that cover what was previously discussed. During all this what we find is reported into a document detailing exactly what the issue is and how it happened.

We will then always add suggestions to the end of this report on solutions which will help fix the issues that our team found as we never want to leave you not knowing what the next step is if your network does have a few faults or problems, this report is then sent to you.

For more information on our Penetration Testing Services or if this is a service you believe will be helpful get in touch on 0203 488 5285, our team are always on hand to listen, answer questions and give advice to help you make a decision.


Making the complex simple

White Har Hacking

With our trained tech team we can use our white hat hacking strategies to intrude your network and find holes.

Spam Testing

Our systems can send out large amounts of spam to test your spam filters and also your users reactions to this.

Intrusion Testing

Our tech team can simulate a potential intrusion to find out if your network can be hacked.

User Testing

As part of our Penetration Testing we can test each of your users, to see if they will fall for a “hacker attempt”.