A company approached us for a Cloud Phone System allowing them to receive calls from there 42 numbers.

With the launch of our product InstaComs, we were able to help.


  • Porting/Migrating 42 Numbers to our InstaCom Portal without losing existing connectivity
  • Setting up Cloud PBX Server for all numbers
  • Connect new VOIP Phones
  • Setup inbound calling on 42 numbers


  • Cloud PBX system powered by InstaComs
  • 4 VOIP Phones

Finished Product

We managed to get this all setup within 1 week, this included porting all numbers over to InstaComs. We did not lose any connectivity whilst this was being transferred. We made sure all phones were connected and enabled to make calls and confirmed working.

Once complete we then setup inbound calling from all 42 numbers and confirmed this as well. Our client is very happy now that he has phones in the office that are dedicated to his business.

We also set up call forwarding to his mobile after 5 pm so that he never misses a call.