GC Timber and Joinery have been a client of ours for some time now, they contacted us regarding a re-cabling of their entire office, they wanted this done to be able to upgrade the hardware in the office, speed up their overall connectivity and have more reliability throughout the office when connected.

Initial Call.

The initial call was a discussion over what the client wanted to achieve out of the re-cabling and how they wanted it to be configured.

It’s important to discuss this and put a plan in place as it means when the work is carried out there ae no major delays, or problems throughout our time at their office.

We always give our clients the best possible service this includes the best possible hardware as well, so we always like to discuss this during the initial call as well just so that the client understands what they are getting in the project quote and how it will help improve what they want the project to improve and help overall.

Time Onsite.

The next step in the process is our teams time onsite to undertake the project agreed, this time will already be prescheduled with the client along with an outline sent of what will be done as per the discussion in the initial call.

Depending on the size of the project will depend on how many team members will be onsite, in this case we had 2 members of our team onsite, this way it meant that the project could be completed a little quicker than if 1 team member went and as this project was undertaken just before Christmas it was important to get at least most of it completed before Christmas so that the client could walk back in after Christmas and have a fully functioning office.

End Result.

The end result was clean and tidy and a full re-cabling and hardware upgrade to their office. Overall the client was very pleased with the results, there were a few bits that one team member had to come back to completed when everyone returned from Christmas but nothing that affected the office from working.