In this blog we want to give you our views on Wifi Vs Wired connections. Of course everyone has there own preference, this is just our recommendation.


Wifi is used by every day to day device you may use throughout the day, for example; Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktops, etc. It was invented to allow devices to connect to a network without the use of cables, by passing data over radio frequency.

Wifi has helped many businesses financially by saving them money on structured cabling of their office.


  1. Low Cost
  2. No Cables
  3. Easy Access for Devices


  1. Slower than Wired
  2. Less Secure than Wired
  3. Distance Limitations


Wired Networking has been around since before computers were invented, as the same copper cable was used for telephone lines and even Morse Code and is now used for your internet connection to houses and offices, backed up by fibre.


  1. High Speed
  2. More Secure
  3. More Professional


  1. High Cost
  2. More Cables
  3. Distance Limitations

Our recommendation is to always have an office with structure cabling (cables built into the wall or trunking) due to the Pros above. However ultimately Wifi is still a great choice for running your day to day business.

InstanceUK offer structured cabling installation in offices around London and Essex as well as Wifi installations, which are set up to cover your whole office space.