Today, our blog post is about a recent project that we worked on providing an end to end service that overall the client was happy with.
The project was for a self-employed Holistic Therapist, who wanted to kick start her business with a new website to promote the services she provides to people that are struggling with stress, grievance, anxiety, depression, etc.

Initial Call.

This call is to get an idea of what the client wants, colours, layout, images, content, etc. This particular client wanted a website that was bright with a modern and fresh look. We also understand that nowadays many users will view sites on the go so we also ensured the design would be mobile friendly.


Our next stage is to go away and design what the client wants, this particular project was small, meaning after getting all the content, logo and images from the client we was able to design all the pages rather than our usual process of designing the Home Page and then designing the rest of the pages once that is approved.
This was then sent out to client for review, some small changes needed to be made but overall she and us were very pleased with the design for the website.


Once approval is made on the design it is then sent to one of our development team where they code the website for us. The development of the site took around 5 working days due to the site having 4 pages.

Once development is done, we run a few tests to ensure we are happy with everything, this was then sent to the client for final approval.

Going Live.

Approval was given by the client the next day, and the process of putting the site live begun, once the site was live the client was informed and over the moon with the result.

Here is what she had to say:

“Extremely impressed with the advice, the set up and design of my web page. As this was the first web page, I had ever created Instahost guided me through every step and even helped with my Facebook page. Thank you – Tina, Alternative Waves”.

Overall this was a lovely project to work on, we are very pleased with the outcome for the website and are more than happy that the client walked away with exactly what she wanted, she is now hosting the website with us also and we are both looking forward to doing business together in the future.