Are you in need of someone that can assemble your Flat Pack furniture? Well look no further, as our recent project was for a company that does just that.

This business wanted a clean, simple and easy to navigate website to promote themselves, they provide and easy and stress-free solution to Flat Pack furniture.

Initial Call.

We like to do this call to get an idea of what the client is expecting and what they want, because at the end of the day it’s their website not ours.

We will discuss colour scheme, logo, layout, content, images and any other ideas we or the client may have.

From all this we come up with a plan on how to approach the design and development of the website, once we have a clear approach that is when we start designing and coding.


This is the stage we start designing the project for the client. This project was relatively small and easy for us. Our first step was to get a logo designed and for the client to choose the one they liked best.

Once that was established, it gave us a better idea of how the website was going to look now, although his project was on the smaller side the client wanted a couple of elements that were a little more in depth.

Firstly he wanted an interacting map that users could click on which gave them an area and it would show how much their initial call out charge is to travel to that area, they also wanted the two service pages to just show their prices for individual products, but to also have an anchor effect so that if a user was to click on Bathroom it would take them to the section that had the bathroom prices.

We incorporated both of these elements into the website design nicely, the map being on the home page.


Once the client was happy with the overall design of all the pages, we then push it into the development stage. Our team will code the website so that it is fully functional on both desktop and mobile devices.

Once development has been completed, we will then go through a checklist of tests to ensure we are happy to send it to the client for final approval, this includes speed tests, titles and descriptions, all internal and external links, contact form is working, etc.

Going Live.

Once the client gave us final approval, we put the site live for them, the length of this stage will vary depending on the size of the site, but for this particular project the going live process was very easy and simple and was live within a couple of hours.

Included in any of our new website designs we offer a year’s free hosting saving you £65 on the first year.

Since Going Live.

Flat Pack Southend has been live for around a month now and since then the website has been performing exceptionally well.

The client’s website has taken over a rival competitor’s website in terms of rankings on Google and is ranking very well for keywords like flatpack Southend, Ikea flat pack Southend, flat pack assembly Southend, Ikea flat pack assembly Southend.

We are keen to keep this up for the client and continue to help him grow his business and his online presence. If you are interested in getting a website sorted for your business then feel free to give us a call today on 0203 488 4412 or email us for more information on how we can help your online presence.