What's Included?

To any business, the servers are crucial to the smooth running of your IT system and therefore the business itself. We have a professional team that are on hand to provide Server Support that will cover your servers for their entire lifetime.

When working with any server it is important that they are handled with care. Generally businesses use their servers to store data, host applications and much more, meaning if the server goes down it can cause huge problems across the company.

Valiant IT offer a range of Server Support Packages that provide you with the support you need for your server, which ensures the smooth running of your business and its set up.

Our team of professionals can be on hand both remotely and onsite where needed, will always provide the best possible support they can and will always handle the server with care.


We partner with the best software & hardware providers worldwide giving you the best IT support services.


How it Works

If you come across a problem with your servers there are a few ways you can get raise the issue with us, the first being via our ticketing system.

Be sure to give as much detail as possible abut the issue and one of our technicians will respond, within 1 working day, to you letting you know they are looking into the issue and when they aim to have it fixed by, the time frame on the fix will vary depending on the issue you have raised.

Alternatively if the issue is of urgency you can always give us a call on 0203 488 5285 and a member of our team will be on hand to answer your call and get the issue resolved again as quickly as possible for you.

If you require assistance onsite all you need to do it give us a call to discuss what is required of us onsite and a day and time that suits.

ValiantIT also offer Virtual Server & Dedicated Server Rental.


Making the complex simple

Microsoft Servers

Windows Servers host applications that are used on your day to day business. We Support everything including File Servers, Exchange Servers and much more.

Backup Servers

Backup servers are used as a fail safe for most businesses, meaning all of your files are backed up on the fly. Sometimes with the ability to role back a few hours or days to grab a deleted or corrupt file.

Linux Servers

Linux Servers are commonly used as website or database servers providing either a front end website to the open world or an internal intranet for users inside your business.

Web Servers

Your web server hosts your website and other applications, we can support these servers to allow your site or app to run as normal and at full speed.