Technology is in everyone lives today and in some way runs our lives. Smartphones, tablets, computers – these are all things we can’t seem to function without.

To understand how technology has evolved and left the “dark ages” it’s important to know how it has evolved.

The Past – Meet the Internet.

Looking back at the 1990’s it was very new, many but not all households and businesses had access to it. Meaning it wasn’t exactly the fastest of things you’ve ever seen.

However, thankfully as more people found the value in the internet, technology evolved eliminating the use of a phone line to go online. Instead it delivered faster connection to the World Wide Web.

Website and Blogging Were Born.

Website began to evolve along with the internet. Almost suddenly everyone seemed to have a Geocities or Tripod website. Although websites we basic around this time in both their design and functionality.

This is also when the blogging craze started to set in. During this time it was called “weblog” now we know it as “blog”.

Floppy Disks.

Floppy Disks were a way of giving information from person to person. But after a few years of evolution people started sending this information via documents in email or through a USB sticks/drives.

As new technologies began to evolve and pop up, each previous technology would compound and build to create a better, faster version of technology. With the speedy developments technology has made, it has changed the way we live, work and operate today.

The Present – Chats, Snaps and Taps.

Fast forward a short decade later and we are in the present. Since the days of dial up, the internet can be accessed pretty much from anywhere.

It would be extremely rare for anyone to go into a coffee shop or library these days and not be able to connect to WiFi, and even if there isn’t WiFi access people can still access the internet through their cellular data connection via their smartphones or personal hotspot.


Knowing that people are able to access the internet anywhere and at anytime businesses started to create web applications. These apps can do a variety of different things for consumers.

Evolution and Revolution of Communication.

How we communicate has evolved with technology as well. Remember the days where you would have face to face conversations, write letters, or wait by the phone (the kind with a cord).

Technology has reshaped the way we communicate with others, we can now be personable in an impersonal setting.

People can now communicate via text messaging, via apps – and you can do this while driving, in meetings and at home.

Social Media Awakening.

We’ve watched texting evolve from text only, to now being able to send imagery too, thanks to the viral spread of gifs, memes, emojis, etc. In fact with the spike in video-sharing actual text is shrinking (meet Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, etc.)

Social networks have and will continue to change the way people engage with one another.

And this form of communication allows people to stay in constant contact with each other when they would have lost connection otherwise.

Video Streaming.

Remember when you had the DVD you wanted to watch emailed to you or you went and bought/rented it from the shop? Well this has now evolved into something much more.

Today, people are cutting the cord and opting for digital streaming and video services such as; Netflix, YouTube, etc.

And thanks to streaming options like Facebook Live and Instagram Live individuals and businesses are able to broadcast their own videos and content as well.

Basically, its safe to say videos are popping up everywhere and have become a big trend for everyone.

Today’s Tech Forecast – Cloudy Days.

Many people and businesses are using cloud based options to store data online rather than a single device like a harddrive or USB.

This change will continue to grow and have a pretty big impact on how businesses run their business.

It has started to transform a once traditional business environment and the interactions with people.

Flash drives are almost extinct with more and more people and businesses choosing to use Cloud based services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

The Future – Potential Emerging Trends?

Consumers and Businesses can expect to see more opportunities in the future. As technology evolves because the more they are stacked onto each other the better they will become.

Technology will only become faster and be able to achieve more in the future.

While we do not have the ability to predict the future, we can offer speculation on the evolution of technology that is to come.

One thing we believe to evolve massively in the future is:

Smart, Smart, Smart.

By this we mean the continued evolution of smart devices and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Smart devices will only continue to evolve and get better, these machines will start sharing data automatically. And, of course, we don’t just mean smartphones, it includes watches, TV’s, Tablets as well.