There was a long wait for the Windows 10 release and it has finally arrived. While Windows 10 will be an essential upgrade for most users, sometimes it is best to wait before upgrading as there are benefits to doing so.

Here are some Pros (Reasons to Upgrade Now) and Cons (Reasons to Wait) to the Windows 10 upgrade that may help you make the decision.

Pros: Reasons to Upgrade Now.

1. Better User Interface:

One of the most common complaints about Windows 8 was it’s interface, which was too much of a change from the original Windows start menu. With the Windows 10 upgrade it puts the user interface back to how it belongs and integrates the tile interface a lot better than Windows 8 ever did.

2. Xbox App:

Microsoft has been trying to marry it’s Xbox and PC gaming for a while now and Windows 10 is their best effort yet. With the Xbox App you can now link your Xbox One and PC gaming experiences.

The App not only now allows you to stream games to your PC but it also allows you to play multiplayer games against those playing on the Xbox One as well. 

3. Enhanced Security Features:

Every major OS upgrade comes with a number of new security features, which is always one of the best reasons to make the switch.

Windows 10 carries over Secure Boot from Windows 8, along with a number of new security updates. Device Guard, Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello are among the new additions designed to make Windows 10 the most secure version of the operating system so far.

4. A Better Internet Browser:

Internet Explorer is thankfully a thing for the past, making the change to Edge. Remarkably Edge stands toe to toe with Chrome and Firefox, offering a fast, elegant design that includes a number of handy features such as; Read Mode.

It also has integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s new voice recognition tool.

5. Its Free:

While Windows 10 clearly brings a number of new features and improvements to the table, there is one very simple big attraction to the upgrade and this is that it’s completely free.

Microsoft made a very big deal about it being free for Windows 7 and 8 users, making it hard to say no to the upgrade. Of course the offer does end once Windows 10 hits the one year mark but it still leaves plenty of time to upgrade before this happens.

Cons: Reasons to Wait.

1. Your System Might not Run It:

Most people won’t have the issue of running the upgrade on their PC’s however the reality is that you still need to meet certain system requirements in order to run it well.

While the minimum system requirements won’t make much of a difference to your Pc performance and even if your PC does meet the requirements it doesn’t mean you will have the optimal experience with Windows 10.

If your machine does not exceed the minimum requirements by a fair amount then it may be a better option for you to wait until you upgrade your PC to upgrade your Windows.

2. It’s Not Totally Free:

As always when the word free pops up there are always caveats to that. It is true that Microsoft is giving a copy to Windows 7 and 8 users, this is because they have already bought a Windows license.

3. No More Windows Media Centre:

One of the strangest changes that Microsoft have made with their Windows 10 upgrade is that it basically eliminates the Windows Media Centre. This may not be an issue for some, however it will be an issue for those who used it for their multimedia content as they will have to find another way of doing so.

While it’s not a dealbreaker it is unfortunate to see a useful programme go.

4. Forced Updates:

Software updates are necessary if you want to have the newest features, but you are typically able to opt out of doing the update if the time doesn’t suit you. This is not the case with Windows 10, Microsoft have enforced mandatory updates that will be installed to your system whether you like it or not.

While wanting to make your system as secure as possible, taking away the ability for people to have a choice may ruffle a few feathers. Along with this we all know that sometimes updates can cause more harm than good, meaning some Windows 10 updates may cause issues with your PC in future and there’s nothing you can do about it.

5. The Longer You Wait, The Better it Will Be:

The best reason to hold off upgrading to Windows 10 is that every new software release always has bugs and glitches at their launch, these bugs and glitches can sometimes take time to fix.

If you are already getting on fine with your current OS why make yourself a Windows 10 tester when in a few months time those issues will be ironed out and fixed. You will still be able to download it for free and have peace of mind that you will have an OS that has proven itself to the market already.