It’s important that you think about your website redesign before you start, planning beforehand can go a long way. As Google and the World evolves it is important your website does too.

Which is why we have come up with all the tips you need to know for when you have your website redesigned.

Lower Page Loading Time

It’s important that all pages within your website have a low loading time, regardless of what content and the amount of content that’s on the page.

Users want to be able to see your products/services as quickly and conveniently as possible.

To prove this did you know that 33% of visitors will bounce when the load time is 7 seconds or longer.

So be sure to put your page speed at the top of your priority lit when redesigning your website.


Mobile friendliness is becoming increasingly important for every website. As more and more users choose to look for what they need on the go they expect to go onto a website that is easy to use and navigate on their mobile devices.

So when redesigning your website it’s important to think about making it mobile-friendly first. Ensure that the design you are coming up with will be easily manageable on mobile devices and not complicated and difficult to use.

If you need anymore tips on designing a mobile-friendly website take a look at our previous blog post:

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Linking to Social Media

Social Media Buttons/Links are a necessity nowadays. Did you know that posting content from your website onto Social Media helps domain authority.

But, Social Media’s role isn’t just to increase traffic for your website, it also increases visibility and credibility.

You are probably asking yourself where to put your Social Media links…

Well that is up to you, they can be placed at the top, middle or bottom of the web page or in more than one place.

However it’s important to remember to have the links open on a separate tab so the user is never taken away from your website.

Keep SEO in Mind

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy you use for your redesign will determine how easy it is for users to find you on Search Engines.

You do not want to lose any of the rankings you already have or waste the time and effort you put into the website before deciding to redesign it. So be sure to think about your SEO strategy carefully before making the redesign live.

Ensure the Redesign Fits in with Your Brand

You should never redesign your website just for fun, you want to ensure the redesign fits in with your brand.

If your branding is evolving then it may be a good idea to redesign the website. But you should always sit down plan and discussed the option of redesigning with everyone who is going to be or needs to be involved first.

Make Constant Improvements

Once you are done considering and implementing all the tips mentioned above, there is one more thing you need to consider for your redesign… Make Constant Improvements.

There is no proper success if you are not continuing to better the redesign of your website.

Making constant updates and improvements keeps the website fresh and new for users, this is also good for SEO and rankings on Search Engines.

So, if you are thinking about redesigning your website be sure to consider all the tips above and if you need anymore tips or advice on the potential of redesigning your website you know where to find us!