We have been asked many times about SSL’s – “Do we need and SSL for our site”, “Why do we need to spend money on an SSL?”
Well to be honest, there are many reasons. In this blog post we will try to explain the reasons in which this would be a good idea/ good practice.


Over the years we have researched a lot about the good practices of SSL’s on a website or blog. We have found it more and more common for websites to have an SSL which is good to see so far. We have a lot of clients whom we provide IT Support for in colchester. Using some of these clients as research subjects we found it to be overall “preferable” to have an SSL on there website even if they aren’t planning to take payments etc. We have referred to https://www.digicert.com for some of our information here. After reading some of these blog posts and other technical analysis we have correlated our research to be very similar to theirs. Below is a rough map of how an SSL works and how it can be useless to stop hacking attempts when users are viewing your website.


This gives a very good representation of the process in which SSL works, it shows that actually it by passes many steps to make sure tehre is a secure connection between the site server and viewer.

We have now also found as part of our research that having an SSL does actually also effect your SEO/ Google Ranking. This is explained further in our ” Is SEO Worth it” page.