What's Included?

No contracts, no commitment - We know that once you’ve tried our high performance Virtual Servers Essex you won’t go elsewhere! So we make it easy: We don't lock you down into a contract, you can cancel at any time.

As you are in control you can install and upload what you want to your server, when you want. Our advanced hardware, with guaranteed resources always available, gives you the headroom to run powerful modern applications with ease.

Your virtual server is private and partitioned from others, running securely and is as safe from attacks as a physical Dedicated Server. Your virtual server is in a secure data centre with an uninterruptible power supply you can reply on.


We partner with the best software & hardware providers worldwide giving you the best IT support services.


How it Works

Once again our process for this is easy and simple as the rest. If you are looking for advice or help with setting up a Virtual Server along with the Support and Maintenance of running it then get in touch with us today on 0203 488 5285 for more information on our Virtual Server Services and Packages.

With our Services and Packages letting us know of any issues or adjustments you would like to make is easy, all you need to do is raise a ticket with us through our ticketing system which we will always respond to within 1 working day, or give us a call if it is of higher important and we will always aim to respond as quickly as possible.

ValiantIT also offers Dedicated Server Rental.


Making the complex simple

Windows and Linux Support

Freedom to quickly deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows guests – and more.

Service Level Guarantee

All of our servers utilise hardware RAID 10 arrays with a battery-backed cache. RAID 10 ensures the best performance and availability.

Full Root Access

You’re in control! You get full root access to your virtual private server. We don’t hold your hand: all our VPS are unmanaged.

Super-Quick Network

Built on the same network as the 20i platform, each hypervisor is connected at 10Gbps and each switch has redundant 40Gbps uplinks.