What's Included?

Our services range from Hosted VOIP, onsite VOIP Servers, regional and national numbers and overseas.

With access to different landline numbers we can position you in pretty much anywhere in the world.

VOIP Hosting Systems allow us to provide you with some really handy features such as IVR Systems meaning you can have an automated message at the start of your call giving options to pick a department.

With the range of different services we have to offer you can pick what is best for you and even combine a few of the services together to ensure you are getting the best out of the VOIP Solutions for your business.

For more information on all our VOIP Hosting Solutions Essex and what might be best for your business contact us today on 0203 488 5285, we are always on hand to listen, give advice and help you to come to the best solution for your business.


We partner with the best software & hardware providers worldwide giving you the best IT support services.


Making the complex simple

Cheap Calls

Our call plans include as little as 0.002p per minute to landlines and the same for mobiles.

Free Internal Calls

All internal calls to other people inside the business are free. On top of this calls to our tech team are free aswell.

Affordable Handsets

You are not tied down to boring handset models with our VOIP systems as we offer a wide range to pick from.

Unlimited Extensions

With our system, unlimited extension numbers can be added to allow you to expand as needed.