Over the years we have worked with many businesses and website owners who have problems with website security. This can be a WordPress website or a general HTML/PHP website. 

WordPress websites are possibly the most vulnerable platform that is the most common victim of the simple “hacking” scandal. 

Some tips for a secure site are as follows:

  1. Keep your WordPress or other CMS platforms up to date. If you are running an out of date site backend then there is potentially a hacker that can compromise the site and use this to relay emails (spam) for example
  2. Adding Google captchas to your contact forms or use a backend mailer system such as HubSpot.
  3. Website hosting security is also very important, make sure your web host is an accredited site host that has all of the standard security features installed. ValiantIT offer fully secure fast website hosting from as little as £50 per year. 
  4. SSL’s are not only good for SEO in Google’s eyes, but it is also good for security especially if you are taking online card payments. 

If you have any questions about any of the above and perhaps need some help with your website security please get in touch today on 01702 870012 or hello@valiantit.co.uk