You may have heard the term DNS record when talking about website or emails. Domain Name System is a process that effectively turns numbers into letters or human readable words. For example when you type in you are actually asking your browser to go to an IP address of something like Your PC and domain name systems translate that from your written request to an IP address and back again in a split second.

A Records are DNS records that are used mostly for websites. As said above it translates a IP address into a readable human response. MX records are slightly more complex DNS services that allow your servers to work out where to send your emails. MX stands for Mail Exchanger. They connect two mail servers together and allow them to talk to each other via both DNS and IP address levels.

DNS is used in many different places and for lots of applications. An example of this is when when you login to facebook it’s estimated that over 100 DNS requests are sent to facebook servers before it loads your news feed, this all happens in split seconds.

Instahost currently have 4 name servers that serve our website hosts, terminal services servers and many more applications we offer to our customers. These are fast and extremely reliable allowing your computer to gain fast access to sites or applications we host.

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