So when? Governments have promised to have a rural broadband connection over the whole of Essex by 2020, at the moment this just seems like another failed promise. With the ever-growing population of Essex and the number of these people using the internet is now a “standard” living service which is expected pretty much anywhere you go or live.

InstanceUK has done a lot of research into the whys and hows of the ongoing battle to provide the whole of Essex with fast “full speed” broadband. But why the holdup? Well, good question, the biggest problem BT are facing with this scale of the project is not actually distance… It’s the old infrastructure that good old British telecom created maybe 60-70 years ago. Old Copper wiring, some underground but the most on telegraph poles, this causes issues when trying to run high-speed internet down old and failing cables meaning BT are having to relay or rehang most of Rural Essex with brand new up to date cabling.

Do we believe the government about the 2020 completion? Our suggestion is a blank no at this point! The scale of the project at hand we think is far bigger than ever thought. Months/years of planning before anything can be moved forward.

What can I do until I am provided fast broadband? Well, there are now a few companies that provide Fast internet over Wireless. You may be thinking wait that’s just 4G! You are in some terms correct here, however WIFI Fibre or FibreWifi have built a great infrastructure to allow businesses and rural housing to connected to a point to point wireless transmitter which in turn is connected to a few 100MB dedicated internet lines. With this service, these companies can provide stable and fast speeds of up to 80MB over the wireless link! Impressive right?


InstanceUK has been around to places such as Colchester, Chelmsford, Harlow & many others to test this, our results have actually been surprising! Our first biting question, response times… Can your 15-year-old son play a video game over this link? Well yes! it worked very well with various tests over Netflix, Amazon video and of course playing some shooters on a console.


Is it worth waiting for the structure or getting WiFi fiber? For the cost of outlay for Fibre WiFi for 1 year seems to be the better option for us lately, this being said we never know when the next village or city is next in the line of fire for broadband.


I would love to hear your feedback on this topic and perhaps discuss more,