Are you finding it hard to choose your backup provider?

We have some launched a great product that will give you the best of pretty much every backup solution on the market. We have built a hybrid system allowing you to us provide a package to our customers which gives access to data where ever they are in the world, Mobile phone support, Desktop support, Constant sync of data across all devices & much more

Our Data Centers

Your data is stored in our tier 3 data centers, with multiple failovers and data lines enabling fast internet speeds for backup storage. Our data center has around 2000TB of total storage available with much room to expand. All of our data servers are fully redundant with RAID hard drives and 2 power supplies with a 99.999% uptime rating.


Your data is stored in an encrypted & GDPR compliant file system allowing quick access to secure data that you can rest assured is safe at all times. InstaFile actually takes a backup of your backup and sends this to another data center which is also compliant as above.

If you have any questions or requirements for Cloud backup please get in contact today so we can help you.